Employee spotlight on John Veaunt

Employee Spotlight on John Veaunt

Literacy West employees have been given the opportunity to nominate a staff member in recognition of their hard work and dedication to the organization. This month’s employee spotlight was nominated for going the extra mile to ensure the students receive the best possible education available to them.

Our April employee spotlight goes to…. John Veaunt!

“John has been an invaluable asset to the team since the start of employment. He truly does have the passion and innovative approaches necessary to resonate with our diverse population of students. John has graciously been splitting his time between his home classroom of Mt. Morris and Belmont, to give our students the best learning opportunities possible. We are thankful and incredibly proud to have adult educators like John on our team.” -Adrianna

Throughout my childhood and my career, there have been so many people that have been there for me and supported me. Since I started working at CORE The Learning Center, I have had the chance to give back to the community and repay the kindness and support that had been given to me over the years.

John Veaunt

Congratulations on the employee spotlight for the month of April, John! You deserve it! 🎉