Employee spotlight on Samantha Sank

Employee Spotlight on Samantha Sank

Starting this month Literacy West employees have been given the opportunity to nominate a staff member in recognition of their hard work and dedication to the organization. This month’s employee spotlight was nominated by multiple staff members.

Without further ado, our March Employee Spotlight goes to…. Samantha Sank!

“Since October and the start of Sam’s employment, the number of enrolled students in Warsaw has grown dramatically. Most recently 5 students have tested and all made gains!” – Heather

“Our students love having her as their teacher and come to class with smiles every time. She has shown dedication to both her job and the students we serve. Sam is able to relate with students in a way that has allowed for numerous gains and educational advancements in the classroom. She is THE definition of a team player and ALWAYS willing to help our students achieve their goals! “– Colleen

Since joining CORE The Learning Center, I have had the most rewarding career! The connections between the students, fellow co-workers and the community has been beyond rewarding. I am eager to continue my career and push towards reaching all the goals the students are working so hard to achieve!

Samantha Sank

Congratulations, Sam! We value what you have done and what you will do in the years to come! 🎉