Student of the Month Gordon

Student of the Month: Gordon

Students at CORE are hardworking, kind, and smart. We want to recognize their efforts and let them know how proud we are to be working alongside them.

Our May Student of the Month for Warsaw is…. Gordon! Gordon first started in March 2019, and re-joined in September 2021. Since coming back he has made significant gains and continues to be a core member of our class. Gordon is an active participant in class so much so that he has brought in several new students to join our program. Gordon is here to continue to expand his knowledge and grow. Today, May 10, 2022, he was the one who helped us solve our Wordle (from the New York Times). As a class, we were stuck and he was able to pull out the answer! He truly is a valued member of our center. Congratulations, Gordon! 🎉